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Lekau Sehoana goes to work wearing his sleepers boots. Check more pictures of his boots sleepers

Lekau Sehoana is inspired by Rick Ross for wearing sleeper boots to work because he is now on top of the food chain for Drip footwear and group. He is happy with the lifestyle that he enjoys a lot because of what he has done for himself. He did not just get to the top and was selling eggs before. When you are determined to have a better lifestyle, you will get it.


He had changed his lifestyle when he decided to quit alcoholic beverages. It is something that many people are not thinking of leaving behind and starting a new lifestyle for themselves. Many people have given up on consuming alcoholic beverages and have made it better for their lifestyle.

If someone like Lekau Sehoana has quit drinking, it should not be difficult for you, but you have to make the decision yourself. You are not doing it for anyone but yourself. You are the person who is going to reap the benefits and you will be doing yourself a favour. Other people will not believe that having a different lifestyle.


Going to work wearing boots and sleepers is not something that anyone can do because of the jobs they are doing. Lekau will be in the office or warehouse because he is not forced to have PPE at work. He is going to work in an outfit that he is happy with and they are comfortable for himself. He can wear any type of fashion to work as much as he wants.


You can't go to a construction site wearing sleepers because that environment has dangerous accessories and safety must be followed in case something could happen. Lekau is happy with what he has chosen for himself, and he could not be free to do anything while working for someone. He will have rules to follow.

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