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Mxolisi and Mastermind save Mangcobo and take Nkunzi to the streets

Since Nkunzi got back all his power that he lost while he was poor. This time he doesn't care about anyone except for himself hence he claims that he is the king of Kwamashu.Nkunzi has now pushed Mangcobo too far, he should have known better than betraying the queen. Nkunzi knows how dangerous is Mangcobo more than anyone else. He started by taking all the money that is not even his and followed by kicking her in her house.

Nkunzi makes all of this because he wants to see Mangcobo hurt and suffering. He wants revenge from everyone that turned back on him during his difficult times and he wants everything that belongs to him.He took everything from his son Sibonelo including his wife and car, this is because Sibonelo didn't invite him on his wedding day because Sibonelo was claiming that Nkunzi is not his father, he was raised by Zikhali family.The rumours says that Mangcobo will be rescued by his sons, Mxolisi and Mastermind. The boys are known as the professionalls in stealing cars and they are known with fame. The boys worked with Mangcobo for a very long time and they consider her as their own mother.Mxolisi and Mastermind would do anything for their mother because they love her unconditionally, this is because she wanted a better life for them. We all know that Mangcobo is a very smart woman and since she will be working with her sons, they will outsmart Nkunzi.

Nkunzi's Destination Has Come to an end, goodbye Nkunzi.

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