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Bodybuilders who took it way too far

Go hard or go home! We've all heard or seen that saying before, probably when it's being posted on your Facebook wall by that insane person who checks into their gym at three in the morning so we can

Romario Dos Santos Alves

He went to extraordinary lengths so as to resemble his preferred animation superhuman: The Incredible Hulk. Not content just to lift loads, notwithstanding, the Brazilian muscle head, named "Synthol Man," "went to a mixed drink of oil, painkillers and liquor to siphon up his biceps." The outcomes were undoubtedly childish.

He turned out to be so dependent on infusing himself with the engineered filler that he almost lost his life—and his arms. Luckily for him, the specialists had the option to save his arms by evacuating the "synthol rocks."

Gregg Valentino

is notorious for being the subject of the narrative The Man Whose Arms Exploded. Following quite a while of manhandling steroids and synthol, his arms swelled to abnormal extents and in the long run popped.

What persuaded Valentino to need to be an oddity? As per Valentino himself, it was the consequence of a little man (or Napoleon) complex. "I'm just similar to five foot five and a half," he told T-Nation, who named him "the most abhorred man in weight training and a humiliation to the game. "That is to say, a person with 27-inch arms who's just 5'5" with a 27 inch looks absurd. Be that as it may, of course, on the off chance that I can't develop taller, at that point I will be the greatest monstrosity I can be."


Not much is known of the “Brazilian Rambo” except for the fact that his biceps literally appear to be melting and festering with infections. Stay away from synthol, kids.

Egyptian muscle head Moustafa Ismail holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the greatest arms, estimating in at 31 creeps in outline. In spite of the way that he asserts his record-breaking arms are to a great extent the aftereffect of hereditary qualities, you most likely won't be astonished to discover that he didn't get them just by working out. Rather, he infused synthol, which gives him that unnatural, Popeye-like look. 

 Kirill Tereshin

, a soldier-turned-MMA fighter, has been dubbed the Russian Popeye because of his over-inflated arms.

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Brazilian Romario Dos Santos Alves Synthol Man The Incredible Hulk


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