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Lwandle Ndaba is in trouble as Max Lichaba is not willing to just let it go

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Lwandle Ndaba decided to take a stand and fight her mother's battle and now, he is about to pay for what had done to his once step father,Max Lichaba.

His mother,Sophie Ndaba was Queen on Generations before it became Generations The Legacy. She was married to business man, Max Lichaba but unfortunately separated after Max was allegedly found in bed with another woman and later went for a divorce process. Lwandle then released a song with a title "My Father's a devil" informing the public what Max Lichaba did to his mother through it and accusing him of being responsible for her health and mental problems.

Max Lichaba is not letting it go just like that. He previously sent a letter of demand regarding the song and now, he is suing Lwandle R500 000 for the same song.

Lichaba applying for that mentioned law suit said that the song was released deliberately by Lwandle to ruin his reputation and paint him as a physical and emotional abuser to his estranged wife being Sophie Ndaba.

"The audio track or lyrics are wrongful and defamatory in that the same were intended and understood to mean that the plantiff is evil and like a devil. Is guilty of infedility, is financially abusive and misused his estranged wife's finances, is dishonest and a fraud. And is without moral fibre and business ethics",Lichaba said.

Lwandle Ndaba was only trying to protect and stand up for his mother who allegedly lied about the cause of her mental and health problems. One would not want to sit and do nothing while watching his mother suffer because of someone else. However, Lwandle's situation comes as a lesson that one should think or refer to the South African Law before doing something as they can find themselves in trouble with the law for doing that particular thing. Imagine where would the R500 000 that Max is demanding come from if he is found guilty. It is another lesson that actions always have consequences and one must think before acting on something.

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