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The humour behind 'U Baba Ncwane was a great performer' |OPINION

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Sfiso Ncwane was an award winning gospel singer who was born with a rare genetic trait that made him to have six fingers in each hand, which he inherited from his mother. Sfiso is one of the musical artists who died before the age of 40. He was from Mthwalume in KwaZulu-Natal but later moved to Joburg In search for greener pastures. 

Sfiso was married to Ayanda Ncwane who is also a singer and television host. They were blessed with two children, Ncweti and Mawenza Ncwane. It was after the death of her husband that we heard more about Ayanda Ncwane and her gospel group Abathandwa.

It turns out that the Kulungile hitmaker had so many children out of wedlock. Ayanda the wife when advertising Clientele Funeral Cover, she'd say 'Ubab' Ncwane was a great performer ', referring to his stage performances. Now people have turned it into a joke, and have changed its meaning also. They are now referring to Sfiso being able to have so many children with so many different women . Beside Ayanda's two children there are three other children, Snqobile Mzelemu, Sduduzo Dlamini and Mandisa Mseleku with different mothers and there is Nonku William's daughter Nothile. So in total Sfiso had children with five women. He cared about the other children whom he did not stay with, he'd sometimes take them to the mall where they would have lunch with their father. 

That's what people are referring to when they say Ubab Ncwane was a great performer. It is most popular on Facebook and they just comment anywhere even though it is not related to the topic, in the middle of nowhere and someone will be like "That does not change the fact that Ubab'Ncwane was a great performer". 

The statement is also common in football pages. When another team did not perform well someone will just say Baba Ncwane was a great performer.However Sfiso will always be remembered as a minister of God's word through music, a great performer and provider in his family. 

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