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Sho Majozi decide to go blond from her signature colorful braids

Sho Majozi has decided to ho blonde from her famous colourful briads, the John Cena, hitmaker shared her blond look on her Instagram page and she even asked social to comment if the new look is a good or bad one.

Her colourful braids have been her signature hair ever since she showed up in the intertainment industry. But it seems she decided to go blond for a change, according to Celebsnow media, the media personality opened up and said she has never dyed her hair in her lifetime.

According to Instagram, here is the new look that she posted on her status and asked social media for their opinion on the hair. And many according to the comments wish she could just go back to her signature look, the colourful braids.

Let's get your thoughts too right here about what you think about this new hairstyle from this media personality.

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