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Limpopo: SABC Livhu Makes Jealous Public Angry As He Reunited With Wifi

After the much advanced demonstrations of aggressive behavior at home this week including famous entertainer and online telecaster Livhuwani Madadzhe otherwise known as Sabc Livhu, his better half, "Mme a Muofhe" says she has excused her offended spouse and life is going on. 

Reports arose for this present week that Sabc Livhu was manhandling his significant other and youngsters, including his supposed 'took on kid', Jane. Jane went live on Sabc radio Phalaphala FM, clarifying how she was manhandled and controlled by Madadzhe. 

Madadzhe gave a public statement of regret on his authority Facebook page and individuals didn't get tied up with his expression of remorse by any means. In any case, his significant other now says she never comprehends that individuals need them isolated over a little matter. 

She said she expected that individuals would wish her well during this most troublesome time yet rather they were assaulting her pointlessly. 

In a video, shot while she was riding in a vehicle with her significant other, "Mme a Muofhe" said in Tshivenḓa: 

"Aa we lushaka, ndi uri ahuna vho na muthu akho to ntamelaho mashudu kha heinoni thavha ine ndavha khayo uri Mme a Muofhe dzudzanyani mafhungo zwi tshimbile. Vhoiwe no to ima ni kho mpora nga matombo, ni kho amba uri kha ndi fhambane na Livhu. He vhathu, why ndi kho teya ufhambana na Livhu nga yeneyi thaidzo ṱhukhuṱhukhu?. Humbulani flopo ya Livhu ya murahu hangei ngavhe ndo namba nda ṱuwa. 

However, I recalled that Livhu ndi Khotsi a vhana, kha ri dzule rothe. However, vhoiwe no to ima niri ari fhambane, ari fhambane. Nne athi ni mathina anivhi na ntamela delicate life vho? Hai, nne athi ni pfesesi." 

Approximately deciphered as "Hallo everybody. Things being what they are, there is nobody wishing me well during this troublesome period? That I should figure issues out with my better half? In any case, you continue to say I should leave him. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to leave him over a little matter? Recollect his past issues? I ought to have left then, at that point however I concluded, he is the dad to my kids and we should remain together. However, you continue to rehash that I should leave him. I don't comprehend you individuals, I don't. You don't wish me a delicate life by any stretch of the imagination? I don't get you." 

Mme a Muofhe said Limpopo Health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba has offered to help them and has invited her help.

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Jane Madadzhe Madadzhe. Mme a Muofhe Phalaphala FM


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