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A guy was attacked after posting his pic, with his two pregnant girlfriends. Stunned. Photos|Opinion

We having a picture that has been spread on the internet lately. The picture got the eyes of so many people that uses Twitter an other social media platforms. It's not anyone that can say they have seen this kind of things happening. We are all surprised with what he did. 

Photo: Facebook.

This shows that you should never trust anyone, because everything that is hidden from you, will have a way of coming out when the time goes. You cannot always hide an succeed. 

I can tell that one of those ladies was thinking that she is dating him alone, until he has to introduce the other one to her. I don't think they will love each other the way they should. 

Photo: Facebook

It's not really good to share a partner, because it will be more harder for a main one to accept that her boyfriend is having another person. They will always pretend as if they love each other. 

This kind of things are often happening, because some people don't really wanna see themselves dating one person. They are forgetting that their main partners won't love that. 

They are forced to accept it whether they like iit or not, because it will be their choice to stay or to leave. Some people are forced to stay, because their partners are providing. 

They have realized that if they leave that person, they will have to face the poverty. Some people are doing it because they have realised that their partners are depending on them.

Photo: Facebook.

This shows that everyone should make sure they work hard, to have their things so they won't have to beg a man for their things. It's not really good to depend on someone. 

They would do as they pleased, so they can chase you away when you tries to tell them something they do. They are seeing that they are doing wrong, but they continue. 

I can tell that those ladies there are just pretending to be loving one another, because those kind of things are happening an they always end in tears they have never thought of. 

If they don't wacmtch out, they will end up killing each other for that. The man should makd sure that he seperates them before its too late to be doing all of that. 

It's very important to separate them, because they will always be drama if they can live together. This man was saluted to making two people pregnant, at the sametime. 

Photo: Facebook.

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