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Check Out Celebrities who we didn't know were gay| Photos


Even though many people who work in the entertainment industry have been hesitant, at times, to admit it, the LGBTQ+ culture has always been an essential component of the performing arts (and the technology that supports them). During the time period covered by the Hays Code—the 1930s through the 1960s—movie studios were not allowed to produce films that included love interests of the same gender. Even in modern times, there are still plenty of movies that include gay sex or LGBTQ+ characters.

1.Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a popular singer and songwriter from the United States.

Since she left the role of Hannah Montana in 2011, when the series ended, Miley Cyrus has not been shy in expressing her sexuality through performance art, sometimes to the point where it has bordered on being scandalous. Cyrus did not, however, come out and say that she is gender-fluid until the year 2015, which indicates that she does not exclusively identify with either male nor female. Since that time, she has devoted herself to becoming an outspoken and ardent advocate for different LGBTQ+ causes.


According to a video for the song "It Gets Better," which was released in 2016, Raven-Symoné discovered that she had a sexual attraction to other women as early as the age of 12, but she hid this fact from other people. Although it may have more to do with her criticisms of various hip-hop personalities than it does with her sexual orientation, Raven-Symoné has not necessarily risen to stardom in Hollywood. This may be due to the fact that she is gay.

3.Lady Gaga

Given her open-minded performance style, provocative lyrical content, and massive following among members of the LGBTQ+ community, pop star Lady Gaga's confession that she is bisexual in an interview with Barbara Walters in 2009 was not shocking at all. Since that time, the pop artist has been subjected to allegations that she lied about her LGBTQ+ status in order to gain exposure. She responded to the allegations head-on during a question and answer session held in conjunction with the release of her album in 2013. She stated that "It's not a lie that I am bisexual and that I like women... "This is who I am and always have been."

4.Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is an actress that is quite well recognized.

The edgy actress has gone on to new lovers on both ends of the gender spectrum, despite the fact that some of Kristen Stewart's admirers may continue to conceive of her as Robert Pattinson's "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson's eternal soulmate. Fans have not let this deter them from demanding a rematch between Pattinson and Stewart, or at the very least making assumptions about Stewart's sexual orientation based on their assumptions about her relationship with Pattinson.

5.Drew Barrymore

Actor Drew Barrymore is well-known for his work in a variety of roles.

Drew Barrymore stated in an interview with Contact Music in 2003 that she had "always found myself bisexual." Despite this fact, each of her three marriages—and each of her divorces—has been to a male partner. Throughout her whole career, Barrymore has not been shy about discussing her bisexuality, in addition to her struggles with mental illness and alcoholism.


Because of her earlier work with the Black-Eyed Peas, her previous marriage to actor Josh Duhamel, and her unpopular singing of the national anthem in 2018, Fergie continues to linger in the public mind year after year. The fact that the singer has identified as bisexual since the early 2000s is something that is not widely known about her.

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