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Spokesperson To The Ministry Also Claims That JubJub Raped Her When She Was Younger


There's an idiom that goes like, trouble usually rolls in by the truckload and as of now it is pouring for Singer and television moderator JubJub, in the wake of doing a tell all digital broadcast meet with Mac G on station O. JubJub continued to the show determined to discolor artist Kelly Khumalo's name and hauling it through the mud and furthermore uncovering different famous people documents and hauling them through the mud, however he did was to cause his own downfall.

After the meeting in only two or three hours the vocalists life and notoriety has went from terrible to more regrettable, all gratitude to web-based media and its advanced effect on the wrecks. After webcast talk with Actress Amanda Dupont approached and asserted that she remained with JubJub for such a long time, because of the way that she feared him and his mom and the muti they utilized. This becomes visible after JubJub asserted that Kelly Khumalo utilized muti on him to get him to dump Amanda Dupont, so that hethey could be with her.

In the video Amanda Dupont additionally asserts that for a very long time she was attacked and that JubJub constrained himself on her without her agreement. After this news brock out increasingly more lady have additionally come out and asserted that they were likewise assaulted by the artist and individuals were left in shock discover that a pastor is likewise essential for those ladies standing up against JubJub assaulting them.

Masechaba Khumalo, the representative to the division of sports expressions and culture serve additionally talks regarding how JubJub Raped her as a young person. She guarantees that it occurred while they were youthful and that the episode occurred at Ma Jakie's home in Naturena, and around then he was her beau.

Here are a few remarks of what individuals considered what they read and found out about JuJub.

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