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After Cooper Pabi received 1M followers last night, people unfollowed her and she is at 997K again.

The female Amapiano artist received 1 million followers last night after she went live with her best friend, Thee buhle, who dragged people into following Cooper Pabi to help her reach 1 million followers. Indeed those that were following her from a long time ago told their friends to tell their friends to follow Cooper Pabi and help her accomplish her short-term goal of receiving 1 million followers over night.After she received 1M followers last night(22 November 2021) her colleagues, friends and some of her followers celebrated her for finally achieving her short-term goal of receiving 1 million followers which she expected to happen this coming week but it happened over one night.

The saddest thing that she woke up to today morning (22 November 2021) is that some of the people that followed her unfollowed her which spoilt her short-term goal because she has fallen from 1 million followers and is now back at 997 000 followers again.Such an act can be defined as an act of jealousy because of people who do not want to see other people blooming or rather achieving their goals.

Nonetheless, Cooper Pabi continues to be one of those loved Amapiano female artists because of her flamboyant and bubbly personality. Her followers describe her as a kind and loving fellow who seems not to be bothered about how some people from social media bully her with her looks and career as a whole.

She continues to remain loving and produce good music regardless of how the society views her. She does not become discouraged because she knew the consequences of entering the media industry; she was taught that some people will love her whilst others hate her for no reason.This is a lesson to everyone who aspires to be a social media star whether in music, fashion, acting, radio and many more that whatever may be said about you and done to you, you must continue to be the good person that you are and do no allow negativity to get over you and cause you to be discouraged and quit what you love.

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