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OPINION: Here are the beautiful princesses of Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda is the country located within the borders of East Central Africa. The capital city of Rwanda is Kigali, the country whose president is Paul Kagame, one of the wisest president in Africa.

The man that has turned around the politics of Rwanda by employing young people in his parliament, and if you look at most of all the ladies and men that are in there, there are young people that are still able to do. I heard by reports that, the youngest Minister in his parliament, she's about 28 years of age, of which she is the minister of technology and science. Now that make sense why he would appoint a 28-year old minister over such a position.

We know how civilised is today's generation. Yes, people of the older generation have got a bit of knowledge about civilization, but science and computers, they keep on developing. Syllabuses they keep on changing, making the systems of today becoming even more difficult for the older generation to understand.

So when he put a young lady over technology and science, it compliments everything that has to do with technological civilization in his country. Right now there is no need for people to be manual or government database through papers, there's no need to write people in books, there is no need for us to keep records in books. You can just have a database of all the citizens in the country on a chip, and there's a whole lot of things that are also happening, the world is moving to even more complicated digital computerized assets.

Certain chips that has to be in your body is connected to electronic gadgets, the information about you has someone who is just seated behind the desk, who knows where you are going, where you spend your money, they know what you are doing, and this they are doing in order to reduce crime.

The world is going digital, are you aware there will be cashless transaction, as we can see that we already have a cryptocurrencies, which is the support of digital currencies. So besides that we also know that most of the things now, they are automatic, the manual world is being replaced, which means in a long-running we might not have any system that is being manually operated. Robots also are coming into our space to be waitresses in restaurants.

It has already started in China which shows that these things they will be need for people that have got an understanding of technological advancement and the digitally civilization young people can do that.

So Rwanda does not to just have beautiful young ladies, but it has beautiful young people that have got brains. There were reports that were made that Rwanda has invented its first cell phone, that is the civilization, that what we are talking about.

Rwanda is a very blessed country and naturally, it is beautiful. The city of Kigali is the cleanest city in the world. So you know what I'm talking about, if you want to experience beautiful ladies, well-respected, and respecting, you can just fly to explore this particular central African country.

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