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Uzalo: Nonka Learns Reality With Regards To Kwanda See What Will Happen

At the point when Nonka learns reality with respect to Kwanda and spreads out that he is to be certain selling drugs, Kwanda will turn out to be rankled and hold onto Hleziphe considering the way that she is the individual who initially instructed Nonka in regards to his prescription overseeing works out.

Since Nonka would have rather not acknowledged Hleziphe, she will in like manner endeavor to continue to save her. In any case, since Nonka will endeavor to remove her companionship with Kwanda, she will fall into the catch as well, and Kwanda will hold onto both of them. Fortunately, Njeza will progress toward come and rescue them, but he will simply save Nonka instead of Hleziphe.

By virtue of his medicine usage, Kwanda would torment Hleziphe and consider her at risk for everything. Regardless, Njeza will return for Hleziphe and save her.

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Uzalo:Is Hleziphe Going To Take Kwanda Again See What's Going To Happen To Nonka In the end Nonka will track down reality with respect to Kwanda and show that it is substantial Kwanda is selling drugs, and Kwanda will be outstandingly perturbed and hold onto Hleziphe because she is…

Hleziphe become an overabundance of covetous when she sees things happening exorbitantly fast for Nonka, considering the way that it seems like Nonka's business is doing incredible more than she expected, she sorted out some way to stun her family with another house and she similarly opened it…

Hleziphe will be under heated water for facing Lilly about Kwanda and Nonka, on the grounds that Now Lilly blamed everything on Hleziphe, on the grounds that she let Nonka and Kwanda know everything Hleziphe said to her. Presently Kwanda realizes that Hleziphe realizes something about drugs, since he was posing Lilly loads of inquiries, Kwanda was…


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