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He explained why he demolished the house after a girlfriend broke up with him, Listen to the Video!!


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The businessman end up explaining why he demolished the house he said he met this girl years ago he was dating him as a girlfriend and boyfriend he told the girlfriend that he will pay a the stand because he has a lot of money he is a businessman, but he will use the girlfriend personal details to buy the stand and to build the mention with her money after the year last year 2020 until this year 2021 the lady, started to have problems while she sees that the building is going to an end, the lady started to cheat on the businessman a forget who built the house and the money came from the man decided to demolish the house because he used her million to build it for the woman he loves, he didn't know that he build the house for a snake woman that she loves him for money.

This man was very sad over what the lady did to him he was thinking that they would build a family with her but the woman was chosen to take by other stupid men that don't build her a 1,2million house as he did.


A greydouble-story was demolished on Thursday morning at Kamagugu in Mbombela, Mpumalanga by Blesser.

It’s alleged that the house was built by a local popular businessman for his girlfriend, but the girlfriend decided to end the relationship. 

Following that, the alleged blesser came with a TLB and an excavator to demolish the massive house.

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