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Jub-Jub Over Sees Something Deep That No One Saw In #Uyajola99 After He Caught This Girl Doing This

Jub-Jub Over Sees Something Deep That No One Saw In #Uyajola99

Source: Hashtag #Uyajola99 Twitter page

Source: MojaLoveTv Channel Twitter page

Did Jub Jub have to unpack the Jam Clothing bag bought for the sidechick? Jub Jub loves adding petrol. Jub Jub notices the smallest details, why would he be looking at someone's hand in this situation. It crazy how man alway cheat and seems nothings wrong with that.

Mzansi feel sorry for the girl after she caught her boyfriend cheating. The worse part is that he bought the young girl clothes. Judging by the look it seems like the guy was cheating on his main girlfriend with a students. It does not seems like she was matured enough because she said she doesn't take it serious hense she knew that he has a girlfriend yet still she continue dating him.

Crazy how these cheaters are never embarrassed about their behaviours but are always angry at Jub jub for exposing them. Man's are worse how do you date someone from same flat. How do you cheat on your gf with someone so close to the both of you? Today's episode made me realize that Mjolo ain't for the weak.

"We didn't come to fetch you , we can to expose you"- Jub Jub

I am still struggling to understand why people fight Jub Jub after being caught. The guy is busy fighting Jub Jub but doesn’t have the same energy towards fixing his problems. Mybe he doesn’t want to fix his problems!! His channeling his energy towards the right person. The guy I an embarrassment to all the man's who are still cheating on their girlfriend with kids twice age.

Jub Jub takes pride in exposing people's cheating ways. One thing about Jub Jub he will swear on national television like it's a Normal thing to do. Jub Jub will always add spice to the situation. One thing about Jub Jub, he never miss a chance to shade difebe.

Jub-Jub swearing at this guy. We know he cheated but a presenter to swear at a guy I think it's uncalled for #Uyajola99.

We have just caught Jub Jub unpack the Jam Clothing bag bought for the sidechick? Jub Jub loves adding petrol. At some point the producers of #Uyajola99 will have to limit some of Jub Jub 's activities. There is clear evidence of violation of people's rights. Moreover his way of humiliating other parties. The show is good to expose infidelity not to humiliate people.

It was so unnecessary of uJub Jub there was no need to invade his privacy like that.

As for.." it's not your size sis'wam"

Aai Jub Jub is making sure that he leaves no stone unturned. He even checked the sizes.

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