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What Rasta did to Patrick Shai is outstanding, and left people stirring

Artist Lebani Sirenje, famously known as Rasta the artist in the republic of South Africa and on social media, displayed paintings of the late legendary actor Patrick Shai.

Many knows him to be not that good painter. Most of time after he drew people, they come out not really look exactly like the actual people but you will find out that they are similar to others.

Rasta is well known to be a painter of celebrities, legends and other wll known people, more especially after they passed on.

This time around, Rasta the artist has disappointed many people after the paint he made for the late Patrick Shai. Many thought he will flop as usual, but unfortunately he went all out and paint a very beautiful picture.


"Rasta confuses me. You can’t get some paintings so horribly wrong and others so perfect."

"Rasta is now taking his job serious, clearly now he realizes that working hard pays off."

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