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OPINION: Two Reasons why a man who has insecurities must not date a lady who has curves

Two reasons why a man who lacks confidence should avoid courting a girl who wears tight clothes. A man who is struggling with insecurities should just make sure that he stay away from a girl who likes to flaunt her curvaceous body.

Many men prepare dating ladies who have a tinny waist, flat tummy, and bigger hips. With that being said, if you know that you can't handle seeing your girlfriend being court left, right, and center by men; some of them who may have more money than you, expensive cars and big houses than yours.

The way a woman dresses say all about herself and the life she lives, in other words, if you dress like a football fan, players will be after you since your appearance tells them that you and them have something in common. If a woman dresses like a churchgoer then she will attract men who respect the woman's body.

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