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OPINION: Reasons why Kwaito will now be John Maputla's most favorite son than Thabo Maputla

John Maputla will have a strong bond with Kwaito than Thabo


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

John Maputla just discovered his long lost son who was living next door all these years. Mantuli has come clean about the real father of Kwaito which also ruin her friendship with Meikie Maputla. The reasons why John Maputla will show so much love to Kwaito more than Thabo it is because of how Kwaito has manners and respect for other people. John feels like Kwaito looks more like him and he is intelligent and very talented more like him.

Thabo Maputla has made a lot of mistakes i think his father is the reason why he lost so much trust for him which he now has for Kwaito. John Maputla will nownspend a lot of time with Kwaito trying to know him better which it will definitely make Meikie to ask why he is spending so much time with Kwaito but he was not doing that to Thabo when he was around. If John Maputla was not scared of his wife he would have asked Kwaito to move in with them by now.

The other reasons why John will favour Kwaito is that both of his other sons have made a lot of mistakes which they have disappointed him a lot, Leeto was a dj and befriended criminals which his dad was against it and Thabo once killed a man and got arrested which is another huge disappointment to his father's eyes. Those are the reasons why Kwaito will be the precious son at the Maputla house. Meikie will definitely not be happy about his husband's actions and she will put all the blame to MaNtuli by betraying her as her best friend. Things will not get better anytime soon between Meikie and MaNtuli for sure.

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