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VIDEO: Malcolm tells Thembi to stop buying fake shoes and he wants to help her. Check what happened

Malcolm is not happy with Thembi because she has apparently bought some Nike sneakers that are not original. Thembi has purchased the fake ones. It comes after she went to a funeral and found out by Malcolm that she loves talking and wherever she is going, people will listen to her. He does not believe that she went to a funeral and came back immediately after it.


That is why Malcolm now understood why she left the funeral to buy those sneakers. Because he cares about her, Malcolm does not want her to wear Nike original brand shoes. It is not just about them having to mock one another. They do have deep conversations and help one another. When Kiki says she is like a mother to them, it sounds very much like the care they are getting from her.

Thembi also told Malcolm that he wanted some Calvin Klein because he did not want her to wear not unoriginal brands. It is really fascinating in this residence that its residents get to have beautiful clothes and original brands. They are also not cheap because Malcolm has taught Thembi to stop buying cheap stuff. He told her to have the expensive lifestyle that he has for himself.


What is good about Malcolm is that he is not just preaching about them. He buys those expensive clothes for her and he even bought her a car. That is more than having to care for someone. Many people are feeling jealous of their lifestyle and treatment of one another. It is very genuine and that is what people like about them. They are not doing it for a social media content.


But when they are having their little drama fight, it is fascinating because you will get to see why they are mocking one another. They both just want to have the ending of it, to be in his or her way. It is like they are always in competition all the time. What is also good is that, even though money is part of their lives, it does not come as a focus for them. It helps them, but their experience is more important and priceless.

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