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Pictures of 70- year -old Chef Babette who is still having killer body

Taking care of yourself and keeping your body in shape is important,is the only secret that keeps t most celebrities looks more younger than their age.People nowadays do not like to be overweight because it causes many diseases such as diabetes and other diseases that you can get when you are overweight.

That's why doctors always encourage people to keep their bodies healthy, eat healthy and get regular exercise and drink more fluid especially water.

It is said that water is the most important fluid in our body because it does the job of helping your body cleanse itself and remove all impurities from your body.

Drinking more water is something that everybody should practice on a daily basis according to doctors or scientists a person should consume atleast eight glasses of water a day.

I know a lot of people fail to drink water but you can make time for yourself to drink it for maybe drink each glass an hour apart.

If you look at the lifestyle of celebrities most of the time they are always holding water in their hands and exercising which is why they are always healthy.

This woman is Chef Babette, who is 70 years ,if you look at her you might mistakenly say she's a child or in her mid- 30s while she's not at ,in her age she maintain to keep herself looking so young and showing no signs of aging.

Chef Babette is a motivational speaker, fitness instructor, and world-class healthy chef. She owns and operates the thriving restaurant Stuff I Eat in downtown Inglewood, California, and has gained a devoted fanbase in social media.

She's also appeared in an episode of HBO's blockbuster comedy Insecure, is an animal rights advocate.

Since revamping her life in her 40s, she has been described as "a force of nature who appears to be able to accomplish it all." This vibrant and remarkable woman, now in her 70s, continues to inspire and motivate others.

Her beauty and her work is what keeps inspiring her fans especially the secret of keeping herself looking young and beautiful at all times.

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