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See What is Happening To Mary Mubaiwa Body that left Zimbabweans Speechless


Former Miss Zimbabwe and estranged wife of General Chiwenga has been trending all over social media .Mary days of being a beauty Queen and trophy wife are over as now she is struggling like all Zimbabweans.She was accused of trying to poison General Chiwenga.

Mary is gravely sick and needs urgent medical attention. However she cant travel abroad for medical assistance because her passport was seized from her by the courts. her pictures have been circulating on social media and its not a good site to see.

Her hand and legs are practically rotting , its not clear what disease she is suffering from .Chiwenga is punishing her for everything she did to him .He even banned her from seeing her children.

General Chiwenga must forgive her ex wife now and allow her to go abroad to get medical attention. Zimbabweans are just watching as all.of this is unfolding. They claim when Mary was the wife of the General she never bothered to change or do anything for Zimbabweans. She had the power to build a hospital but she didnt now she is the same person who has to use public hospital which dont even have simple pain medication.

Its funny how the wheels of life can change just like that not so long ago Mary was living the high life and now she is suffering. If the General can treat the mother of his kids like that imagine the ordinary Zimbabweans. This goes to show how ruthless Zimbabwean leaders are .

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