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Celebrities who broke up with their partner, after their partner went broke.

Nonkanyiso, Conco

In her early twenties, the Real Housewives of Durban star gave birth to a child with the ex-president of South Africa. He was 75 years old at the time of the incident. At the age of 18, she reportedly began seeing the former president, Nonkanyiso. After the birth of their first child, the couple decided to wed. He and Nonkanyiso broke up when he stepped down as president in 2019. It is possible that they stopped seeing each other after Zuma stepped down as president, or that they had other issues. Was there really any love going on here at all? While he was still in power, Zuma's other wives remained loyal to their husband.

The name of Noma Mngoma.

The former minister's ex-wife requested a divorce and detailed how her ex-husband earned money as an MP. When the former minister is alleged to have cheated on his wife, it all began. His ex-wife is then alleged to have vandalized a vehicle and been arrested. One of the two later claimed to be single. Norma has testified against her ex-husband in court, and she's doing a good job. After so much had happened, and since this isn't the first time the ex-minister cheated and she covered for him, people are wondering why they got a divorce at this point in time. She made the decision to leave when his professional prospects began to deteriorate, and she even went to trial to support her decision. Her ex-husband was unable to get his job back. Did she know this?

In the words of Khanyi Mbau,

When she was a teenager, she married a wealthy millionaire. Cars, vacations, clothes and everything else were all the rage with the wealthy couple. You couldn't even compete with Khanyi Mbau, who wore the most expensive clothing. With so many shoes on display, people could see how much the actress loved to flaunt her wealth. As time passed, it was revealed that Khanyi's husband was in financial trouble. Eventually, they broke up and Khanyi went on with her life. There is now no one who can tell us where the husband is.


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Conco Nonkanyiso Zuma


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