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Leak : Jub Jub's Mother Comes To His Rescue And Drops Some Damning Files On Amanda Du Pont


Jub Jub’s mother Mama Jack comes to the rescue of her son in the midst of the allegations of manipulation that these women allegedly received at the hands of Jub Jub, she is seriously upset that these accusations have surfaced.

The son was simply admitting that he has been with the woman and she took it the wrong way and completely went off the rails to try to tarnish his name, the incident has since become a topic of discussion on social media platforms.

With many people disagreeing with what is happening now, in the video she says that Amanda du Pont should completely face her. She further went on to state that without Jub Jub she wouldn’t even be in the industry, and also she had an opportunity.

Ample time and she was in no situation to stay in an abusive relationship if she didn't want to because she had a family that was supposedly taking good care of her, she had no reason to fear anyone as she states that she is quite intimidated by Jub Jub's mother's status.

Which is all a bit questionable considering that if you are really upset about something you wouldn’t really stay in a relationship for that long, anyway ordinary members of the public are not psychologists and we’re just waiting to see the law take its course and things to get back to normal.

Nothing makes any sense here, especially from the point where she made those allegations on social media.

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