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Meet Uganda’s Ugliest Man Godfrey Baguma And Grand P, The Men Who Did The Impossible

Although Godfrey Baguma, also known as Ssebabi (which means "ugliest of them all"), suffers from a unique medical ailment that causes him to have a distinctly unattractive appearance, he continues to attract gorgeous chicks in spite of his appearance. As part of his efforts to raise money for his financially constrained family, Baguma competed for the title of ugliest man in Uganda in 2002.

In his past life as a cobbler, Ssebabi now makes a fortune by using his distinctive physical characteristics. Although he initially appeared at gatherings as Uganda's ugliest man only for the purpose of attracting attention, he later went on to pursue a singing career. In addition, the quinquagenarian has been married three times and is the mother of seven kids. Each and every one of his children was born without any physical defects.

The first wife, with whom he has two children, was divorced when she cheated on him with another man. The second wife, with whom he has one kid, is still married to Ssebabi.

“I discovered her having an affair with another man and informed her that our relationship had come to an end.” When others kept telling her that she might be better off, she began eloping with another man,” Ssebabi explained in an interview with Ugandan radio station KFM. “She liked me because of my money, but people kept telling her that she could be better off,” Ssebabi continued. Later, Uganda's ugliest man married his second wife, Kate Namanda, with whom he lived for four years before tying the knot in a lavish, multicoloured ceremony in 2013.

Her family didn't find out where she was until four years after I left. I didn't want them to see me until we had a child since they would almost certainly tell her to leave me if they saw me before that point. He said, "She left me when she was six months pregnant, but I believe she came to terms with her fate since she returned two months later."

He went on to say the following:

”I explained to her that I didn't chose to appear the way I do, and that if she believes I am a burden, she is free to live her life without me.”

With his second wife, the world's most obnoxious guy has produced a family of five children. As a result of his newfound celebrity, he has been able to provide for his large family. In recent years, Ssebabi has made the majority of his money from public engagements, during which he has performed both stand-up comedy and singing performances.

Last year, when Uganda's ugliest man married a third wife, it caught many people off guard. A spectacular wedding ceremony was place in September 2020 to tie the knot for Ssebab and his wife.

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