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Isencane Lengane: Siyacela exhibits signs of being an abusive partner

Isencane Lengane follows the lire of teenagers who decided to get married at 16 to each other. Thando and Siyacela are a controversial pair and for the most part people do not like Siyacela. He doesn't do any favours for himself by being so obnoxious all the time.

It has earned him the notorious nickname, "Sthuphethu" which basically means idiot.

Thando recently gave birth to her first child and didn't bother letting her family know about it. This warranted a visit from her mother who was growing concerned and couldn't reach her child over the phone. Her attempts at getting her a phone are interrupted by Siyacela. He admitted to this quite proudly.

Their fight revealed he breaks Thando's phone to keep her from communicating with anyone. This for me was the biggest red flag that anyone could display. An abuser will use isolation to make their victim feel like they must only depend on them and separate them from their friends and family who can help them.

People noticed as well that this behaviour is unbecoming and also abusive.

One user wrote, "Typical signs of an abuser, they isolate you from people who can rescue you. Siyacela took her away from the Dlamuka’s & her maternal family. Worse he makes sure she doesn’t own a phone. #IsencaneLengane"

While another user wrote, "Being separated from every1 including immediate family was identified as red flag of abuse. Thando must be rescued before is too late. Siyacela is ensuring that every1 from Thando's side becomes their enemy. #IsencaneLengane"

I just can't believe that Moja Love would leave this open ended. Thando seems to be brainwashed to believe that her husband can do no wrong. While Siyacela seems deadset to never change. I worry for this young girl so much. She needs her family more than ever, I hope they don't give up on her.

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Source: Isencane Lengane on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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