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Did Gigi Lamayne bleach her skin?

Skin bleaching was first a taboo, especially when Khanyi Mbau was so vocal about her journey on bleaching her skin because she wasn't happy with being dark.

Source: Opera Mini images

People judged her and said all kinds of things, like she wanted so badly to be white and so forth, but Khanyi Mbau paid no mind to all this and continued year after year to become a shade lighter than before.

Source: Instagram

Gigi Lamayne on the other hand South African award- winning extraordinaire with a charismatic stage presence, versatility and remarkably mature lyrical abilities. Once appeared on Behind The Story sharing how roughly she grew up and how her music careee wasn't doing well.

When her record label saw this, she says she was asked why she doesn't bleach her skin to get more recognition in the industry and for her to sell her music.

Source: Instagram

So it's quite shocking to see Gigi Lamayne looking two to three shades lighter than when she was first introduced on our screens. An Instagram page that sells bleaching products even tagged Gigi where she admitted that that's where she got her "glow" from.

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