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Divorce Affair

Malusi Gigaba’s ex-wife Norma Mngoma heads over heel in love with her new man

Business woman Norma Mngoma confessed to Lasizwe Dambuza on the YouTube show "Drinking or Telling the Truth" tonight (September 3) that she hoped to have an extramarital affair when she married her ex-husband and former Finance Minister Marusi Gigaga.

Norma Mngoma calmed down the rumors that she had an affair with Gigaba, and Gigaba deceived her. However, he added that he wished he had. "It's rumored that you had an affair with a boy from SABC, is it true?" Rasizwei asked. "I wish I had. No, I don't have one, but I would like to have one, "replied Mngoma. Norma Mngoma and Malusi Gigaba got married in 2014. Since then, there have been several scandals in their marriage. In 2015, Norma Mngoma had a "public dispute" with her husband's then-lover, Buhle Mkhize. In 2018, a sex video involving Malusi Gigaba was leaked.

The former finance minister said the video was purely for the pleasure of himself and his wife. However, in an interview with eNCA, the businesswoman revealed that she did not like that her estranged husband always used her name to cover things up. "What I don't like is that every time he does something, when he writes a statement, he says, 'My wife and I, instead of coming to me. Every time I tell her, it's kind of disrespectful," he said. Mngoma. he said in an interview. She also kept her distance from the video, saying that this was another time that he was caught cheating. "That is not my video.

Like, I don't want to lie. I never thought there was such a thing in my mouth, so it didn't suit me. So I don't know who this is for. I don't even know if he knows who he sent it to, because there are so many such things. They are his videos, not mine," he continued. In 2020, Norma Mngoma was arrested by the Eagles on charges of assault and malicious property damage after allegedly damaging the Mercedes-Benz GWagon belonging to Malusi Gigaba's friend Peterson Siyaya. According to reports, their so-called quarrel occurred in "jealousy." Earlier this year, Norma Mngoma testified before the Zondo Commission on Malusi Gigaba's alleged national capture transaction with Guptas. Mongoma blamed Marousi Jiggaba's affairs on himself because he was the father of her child and therefore did not want to expose him. The separated couple have two children.

"I know some because there are many. I know some, some I don't know, but they all know me," Norma Mngoma said of her husband's lover. "Because we are married, that is the father of my child, and that is still the father of my child," she explained to Lasizwe, who joked that she stood by his side when he cheated on her. Mngoma recently launched her Adequately Norma fashion collection, and she revealed that she has moved on and is establishing a new relationship with a special person. "We are warming up with each other and we are going on a date," Mngoma said. However, the businesswoman did not reveal the identity of her mysterious man, and said that if she did, the country would come to a standstill. "If I mention his name, the country will be stagnant, so I don't want to."


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