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VIDEO: Big Zulu orders enough of food for everyone and gives waitress a 5K for a tip

Big Zulu is known for his hit song in which he raps about money and meat. Since then, he has been living like the song. He loves having to have more meat in his meals all the time and with some expensive beverages on the table. Another thing that has not changed or left behind, is the clothing style. He wears differently and his followers are loving his style.

He is not easily influenced by a lot of things that are recent. He loves speaking his home language a lot. It will be a surprise to listen to him speak English. He is most proud of speaking his native language more than any other. But he is not being tribalistic. He is most comfortable with his own Zulu language.

When it comes to Zulu people, they are known for not easily changing to speak another language. He is constantly raping with Zulu. It is like when you hear or listen to Nasty C speaking the Zulu language. He has been speaking English since he was famous and many people have not heard him speak the Zulu language.

Maybe Big Zulu will get to perform in a different country or continent. He would speak the English language because there will be a huge language barrier. That is why when you are in a different country, the simplest way to communicate is by speaking English. It would be a huge problem if either of you did not know the English language nor did you want to speak it.

Big Zulu has influenced a lot of people to stay true to themselves and be confident in speaking their own language. Within South Africa, you will be mocked when you are speaking your home language in a different province, where they do not speak your language. The majority of the population speak the dominant language, but you don't have to change your home language.

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