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Uyajola9/9: Venda man causes trouble on WhatsApp

Women get cheated on ordinary however on tonight's episode, the girl who known as Jub Jub and his group became greater disenchanted with the aid of using the truth that this guy is the use of her automobile to cheat on him. As it later became out, he changed into now no longer dishonest on her however with her because the female he changed into stuck with turned into with him longer than the complainant!

What turned into worse approximately the state of affairs is this guy changed into now no longer remorseful in any respect and simply used the possibility to threaten each of those girls with violence! In the give up, he turned into mentioned as "Azwindini" and that is the way it became introduced that he's a Venda guy. From there, Jub Jub advised him of ways he beverages Mpesu to have stamina and threaten to get violent with ladies!

The adulthood of each girls turned into tremendous due to the fact they may have without problems fought towards every different whilst the trouble is that this guy who has made guarantees to each of them. Had they fought every different, they might now no longer have observed out that Shorty's youngsters are older than the complainant's child; which means that he really lied to Shorty and now no longer the opposite manner around.

As always, Jub Jub had snarky feedback approximately the residence that the person changed into discovered in, pronouncing that his prison mobileular turned into bigger. To clearly examine a persons' residence to a prison mobileular became a low blow due to the fact on the cease of the day, now no longer all people will stay in a large residence due to the fact economically, humans aren't on the identical level! Jub Jub desires to forestall being disrespectful due to the fact it is actual humans's conditions that he makes amusing of


Uyajola 9/9: Venda man cheats on his Xhosa woman with her car and threatens to beat her up on TV

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