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Uzalo: A determined Nomaswazi continues to dig into her father’s death

A determined Nomaswazi continues to dig into her father’s death, even though mamba and her mother tried to stop her, it is clearly that Nomaswazi is Willing to find the people who killed his father so that he could make a Revenge, Nomaswazi become more dangerous and her mother wants her to stay away from a problem.

Firstly she started to be part of the business, now she wants to know everything about her father and how he dies,njinji fried to tell her the story, but Nomaswazi thinks that her mother is lying to her,that is why she is willing to do everything to find out the truth by herself because her mother failed to the her.

Nomaswazi is smart and she wants to prove to her mother that she is succeeding with everything she does, firstly she proved that she can make a big heist Alone and survive, because her mother and Vika didn't want her to be a part.

She knew that if she set Sbu and Njeza free from jail, they can work for her because they know everything about Kwa Mashu and they been working for Nkunzi long time.

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