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Uzalo: Njeza Must Pay For The Brutality His Doing To Nosipho

The storylines of Uzalo has left large numbers of their watchers feeling awkward in light of the fact that they're as of now contacting the subject of misuse. We realize that in South Africa GBV violations ( Gender Based Violence) is one more pandemic all alone. 

In case you're a genuine fanatic of Uzalo you will likewise concur with me when I say that each an each time Njeza lays his hands on Nosipho, it leaves a severe desire for our mouths. 


We as a whole for one thing toward the finish of the story to see Njeza in a correctional facility, however what I like with regards to the storyline is that it encourages lady to make some noise so they ought to never experience peacefully on the grounds that most dire outcome imaginable is that you might lose your life because of the victimizer. 


We generally asks similar inquiries for what good reason does the lady leaves the victimizer? The question of actually it's difficult on the grounds that they have harmed the mental and the feelings of the person in question. More often than not it's mental fighting they cause you to feel like without them you're nothing it's so difficult and pitiful, in light of the fact that the majority of the casualty they don't generally recuperate from the injury. 


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