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Love Is Beautiful: Jah Prayzah’s Family Life With Wife Rufaro Chiworeso Will Wow You

Several of Jah Prayzah's tracks have topped the TikTok challenge charts. His songs are also doing well on streaming services like YouTube. However, Prayzah is a happily married man with a loving family. 

Despite being divorced from his first marriage, he was able to find love again. He's a great husband and a proud father. Despite his best efforts to keep his personal life private, we got some interesting details about his family. 

Despite His Popularity, Jah Prayzah Keeps His Family Private. 

In order to maintain his professional and personal success, Jah Prayzah has created an illusionary barrier between his personal and professional lives. His real name is Mukudzei Mukombe, and he is not eager to make his family's life public. 


That doesn't mean he doesn't share family images and videos. Prayzah remembers significant occasions like his lovely wife's birthday by posting a photo on social media and urging his fans to join him in his delight. He occasionally posts images of his kids. 

He now utilizes Instagram to promote his songs and notify followers of new challenges. However, the fact that he publishes images of his family shows how pleased he is of the family he is developing. 

Rufaro Chiworeso Is Jah Prayzah's Wife. 

Rufaro Chiworeso, born November 3, 2020, is Jah Prayzah's beautiful bride. This is because there is so little information about her and her job. Her husband's capacity to devote so much time to his career suggests she could be a supportive wife who works part-time or full-time to be present for the family. 

Chioworeso is a wonderful mother to her and her husband's children, as well as to his first wife's child. 

Rufaro Chiworeso and Jah Prayzah Have Three Girls 

Jah Prayzah has revealed his Makoti, but not how they met or when they married. So we're not sure if they met as friends and became closer over time. What counts today is that they are happily married with three wonderful daughters called Keanna, Kayla, and Kelly. 

Jah Prayzah is so pleased with his girls' growth that he calls them "angels." We don't know their ages or where they go to school because he keeps his family private. 

The couple has had no public scandals due to their private marital life. 

All relationships have ups and down. It all comes down to the parties and their ability to overcome their fears. Sadly, even for couples who keep their problems hidden, divorce is becoming more common. 

Jah Prayzah and his wife have kept their marital difficulties buried for so long that nothing has been revealed publicly. The Mukwasha hitmaker has never been linked to infidelity, which is rare among wealthy and well-known men in the Prayzah category. JP, as he is known, adored his wife so much that he wrote a song for her, Rufaro

Jah-First Prayzah's Wife Rufaro Chiworeso 

Jah Prayzah was previously married to a woman whose identity is unknown. According to legend, he married her for a short time before divorcing her due to his poverty. They were certainly married before his career took off, though we don't know when. 

He may have found love in Rufaro, but the situation between him and his first wife seems to haunt him, as evidenced by his recent release of Munyaradiz, a song about it. The song's video has gotten over 4 million views on YouTube. 

That means we don't know if he got married when still in his early 20s, or later, after becoming the hugely popular artist that he is now. 

He is Jah Prayzah's first son from a previous marriage. 

JP's first marriage left him with Mukudzei Junior, his first child, who they will always share despite their divorce. JP and Rufaro, on the other hand, parent him as they do their own children. 

Junior Mukudzei, like his father, aspires to be a musician and is actively seeking a job in the field. The young man is already well-known thanks to his father. He has 30k Instagram followers. 

On August 19, 2020, he released Rovia Ngoma via Nash TV, and it received 14k views on YouTube in the first hour. Jah Prayzah and his first son share a good father-son relationship. He is the only one of his siblings that has an active Instagram account right now. 

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