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Congratulations to Bonang Matheba as fans are convinced that she is pregnant

Even after her thirties, Bonang Matheba is still keen on waiting to have children. The 33 year old media personality is soon to be 34, said she has not met the man who has what it takes to be a father, specifically a father to her child, because her off-springs will change the world.

She said that, "You know the reason why i haven't had kids is because, i haven't met a man who i think is worthy of being the father of my children. Because i see my children as formidable human beings who are going to change the world, and you a certain kind of men to support that level of thinking. I see myself raising a Trevor Noah or a Elon Musk", Bonang told GQ Magazine.

A year later she said she doesn't want to stress anyone when she gets on a flight at 2am, not willing to stop her partying life while talking to IOL. "I love children and i know as soon as i have a child everything is going to stop, i can't have a child now because i am very selfish with myself and with my time. There certain things i want to achieve before i bring someone into this world", Bonang Matheba said.

2 years later from her party wish, Bonang might have changed the plans as she announces that it is a girl, it is a jaw drop as a cricket sounds.

Bonang is the last person her fans expect to fall pregnant, they were shocked at reading her tweet and some are even shocked that there men that worth her time. Some are convinced that she is talking about Prince Harry and Meghan's baby gender.

Can Bonang be be hinting us that she is pregnant?, 50 % of the fans are saying she is talking about Prince Harry and Meghan's Baby, while some think she is pregnant. What Do you think?, share your opinion with me in the comments section.

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