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Mamkhize is enjoying the moments in China Town in USA. Check her pictures from USA

Shaun Mamkhize is back in the USA again and she was there just less than 2 weeks ago. When she came back to South Africa, she went to the Durban business awards where Max Mqandi got recognition for doing very well. From there, she went to officially give people houses in KwaZulu-Natal who were affected by the heavy rain in the province.


She has returned to the United States of America and when she left New York City, she stated on social media that she would definitely return to the country. She returned and even some good wisdom. She said, "At this rate, I think I deserve citizenship in the USA." She has to save more than she has already if she wants to have citizenship."


She further said, "I have arrived after 15+ hours of travel. I am hearing that there is a cold front hitting Johannesburg and boy am I glad to be welcomed by sunny skies and temperatures. Let's see what Los Angeles has in store for us this time around, taking a rest until the morning." She is living in the best time of her journey.

While people have to worry about many problems happening in the country, she is having a good time and she will not even complain about the petrol price set to increase again. Being rich is a good thing, and while people are having problems, you just hit the plane and go somewhere around the world for a good time.


At the moment, her followers are still waiting for the best moments as she has yet to share them on social media. DJ Zinhle also loved Mamkhize having to enjoy life while many other people are working and have never even flown out of the country. Life is really something that it will not be same on other people because no one wants to go through a struggle.

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