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The Unexpected: Pearl disregards Zinhle's warning about having no baby shower

Zinhle's show so far has been about unveileing her pregancy to her friends and family and last week she tackled the huge obstacle of telling her mother. We've seen her sister Gugu, Oskido, her brother, her former Operations manager, Pearl Thusi and even her house manager Zama. It was the objective of the show that she achieved very well. However, the next hurdle in her effort to keep the pregnancy a secret may just be her best friend.

Zinhle, on the latest episode, discusses quite openly about her struggles with breast feeding Kairo during the Hair Majesty launch. She told her close friend Nomuzi about how, because of the stress during that time. She recalls not having enough milk despite having a breast milk pump all night. It brought home an important point to me; the only priority during pregnancy/childbirth is the mother's wellbeing. If she isn't well, the baby suffers.

It was why I was conflicted about Pearl's gesture for next week. On the one hand, it is lovely to throw your best friend a baby shower. It's a gesture of love and support and a rite of passage for anyone who falls pregnant and is lucky enough to have a BFF. I can't think that the gesture comes from a bad place

However, Zinhle has specified that she does not want to have a baby shower and was choosing to be more low key about her journey. I think a part of that is because of how stressful the pregancy was with Kairo. She deserves to have that respected if that is what she wants. Regardless of how nice of a gesture it is.

I'm hopeful that the resolution was something that was bit of a compromise on both sides of the best friends. During a pandemic, a large baby shower would be a bad idea in any case.

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Source: The Unexpected on BET Africa DSTV channel 129 (aired on Saturday 6 November 2021)

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