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Riky Rick spoke highly of me 5 days ago.

The abominable death news of the prominent South African rapper, Ricky Rick, has left implacable resentment against uncontrollable mental issues such as schizophrenia, PTSD but mostly depression. There are so many great people who have brought so much impact in the lives of those who look up to them and adore who have taken their own lives due to uncontrollable mental issues, especially DEPRESSION this includes the likes of Nichume Siwundla, Patrick Shai, Shoki Mokgapa, HHP (Jabulani Tsambo), Ceagan Arendse and so many more; the list is endles.

On the 18th of February 2021, Cooper Pabi and the deceased, Ricky Rick, were invited for an interview on YFM to share their journey as well-known artists in the music space, how they have grown, what they look forward to achieving this year and what project they were currently working on.Cooper Pabi on shared a lot of things concerning her upcoming new releases and her nascent record label of which she aspires to work with young people who are talented in making good music but are not yet recognised. Ricky Rick opted not to say nothing about his music career, performances and work as a whole but wanted Cooper Pabi to be the centre of attention and take all the glory. Ricky Rick opted to speak about Cooper Pabi's work from his own personal perspective.Cooper Pabi had taken it to her Instagram story as part of her mourning that Ricky Rick spoke highly of her the last time they were together at the radio station. The above picture is actually a video with a view of a ceiling and an audio of Ricky Rick respectfully and indeed highly speaking of Cooper Pabi. The deceased spoke about how great and a super star Cooper Pabi has become. He says when she looks at her he sees the epitome of young and black excellence in womanhood form. He said Cooper Pabi is still going to make waves in this industry like she has never done before and he continued to say that the greatness and powerfulness we have seen in her is just an understatement of what she is about to become.


What Ricky Rick did was so out of this world and was in a form of humility where he just allowed Cooper Pabi to shine and take all the honour just by shutting of what he could have said about his own personal great work as an all-time artist. His last description of Cooper Pabi is really touchy and will forever live in Cooper Pabi's heart and will therefore inspire her to work even more so that it can all come into manifestation.



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