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Divorce Affair

UMkhokha: Linda Sokhulu joins the cast as we brace ourselves for the second lobola attempt

Last episode of Unkhokha was heavy emotionally. It felt like we went through so much of the story in on episode but for those who haven't watched, please do. The cinematography is stunning and the storyline is easy to follow. I can't say you won't be frustrated at times with Deli Malinga's character, MaMzobe but she's a villain you'll love to hate.

I do believe it is Shakespeare inspired with the recurring theme of MaMzobe being Lady Macbeth. But the latest episode explored the theme of the favourites of the family. The black family dynamic is a complicated one to dissect. Growing black and NOT the favourite, you could already tell that any decision you made was going to be the wrong one. But any word spoken by the favourite's would be far exalted.

There are layers to this and not everyone's experience in the same. For example, Busisiwe is a head strong medical doctor who graduates during the latest episode. You would think that would make her the favourite but she isn't, not to her mother. She is still being driven by her determination to rule the church and Busi is her latest sacrifice.

Following the suicide of her eldest daughter Xolile, I wrongly assumed MaMzobe would drop it. But I'm starting to suspect Busi is not her daughter at all. Linda Sokhulu has joined the cast as the sweet younger sister and I think there's more to her than meets the eye.

Did she mother a child with MaMzobe's husband? Or did her sister take her child away with threats and money?

On the flip side we have the Mthembu family. Nay Maps plays the prodigal son who is still being led astray. He is commiting adultery with his salacious sister-in-law, sleeping with strangers and drinking to excess but his mother still wants him at the helm.

Maybe MaNzimande is desperate because of the pressure from the church. But how can she still see him as the proper fit for her husbands church?

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