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Mzansi's Left Talking After A Lady Accuse Her Family Of Witchcraft After This Happen In Rea Tsotella

Mzansi's Left Talking After A Lady Accuse Her Family Of Witchcraft After This Happen In #ReaTsotella

#ReaTsotellaMonday is a show that help families when they have problems. The #ReaTsotellaMonday viewers have loved how Bishop Makuma have handles these issue regarding traditional healers and sangomas.

A Woman wrote to the show #ReaTsotellaMonday after her daughter left home with a sangoma. A woman is crying because she want her daughter back home.

The viewers has left everyone heartbroken after the Lady said she want nothing to do with her family. This come after a sangoma told her that her parents are bewitching her. The lady left home after she was staying with her grandmother until they had disagreement where it forced her to leave the house.

She has lost her relationship with her mother and she doesn’t seem interested. The lady is refusing to stay with her father who is abusing her sexually. Apparently father has sent a message requesting to sleep with her.

She is saying that all her family including her siblings are fighting with her. She said that she has been changing places because of two hitmen who were following her.

Mzansi have noticed that when the lady wanted to speak the mother keeps on interrupting her everytime she want to explain why she didn't want to stay at home. Viewers think that the Mother have turned a blind eye on the fact that her father tried to abuse her sexually.

The woman want her daughter to come home after haveing dreams about the sangoma puting a muthi (love Potion) in her. Apparently the sangoma was helping her and they end up having a relationship. Mzansi is worried about the lady after she choose to have relationship with a sangoma instead of her family.

She think that her family are being her stagnation in her life. The lady is suggesting that the family should go to prophet or a sangoma and finds the reason why she does not want to go home. Her mother believes that the sangoma is the one who is using her to fight with her family.

Bishop have suggested that his team will find three people including sangoma who will help the family to find the truth is there is someone who is trying to bewitched one anothe in the family. 

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