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Durban Gen: It ends in tears for Zandile, see how

Durban Gen: It ends in tears for Zandile, see how

While you're here, please follow me!

Disclaimer: Zandile deserves everything that's happening to her! She has no peace!

The Zandile/Precious storyline has been going on for a very long time! Just when we thought it's over, Zandile told Precious "I want your life... I want your child, husband and everything" and we had to start a fresh since that was another storyline on its own!

Precious had to dig up dirt on her former bestie and soon enough, it appeared that Zandile was not as "clean" as she presents herself since she pioneered illegal abor.tions at the hospital and according to her ex husband who wants to hear nothing about her, "aborted two, if not more, of our babies".

Precious got tired of Zandile and on last night's episode, Zandile got a knock on the head! This is after Zandile was ready to sing on the night before's episode, but didn't succeed and proceeded to threaten to sing last night. When talking to Thabo, she said "there's something I need to tell you and I can't keep it to myself anymore," referring to all of Precious's dirty laundry! Unfortunately, Thabo no longer has time to listen to her since his response was, "I said I don't want to talk to you"

From this, the threats to spill the beans continued and Precious sent Zandile falling! She was about to barge out to Thank but Precious grabbed her and told her "you're not going anywhere! From there, she used the nearest thing to knock her out!

Now, on tonight's episode, Zandile is held hostage and is basically kidnapped by her friend. I think Precious did well. Zandile was never going to give her peace and she had to do what she could to protect her life!

"This thing between Zandile and precious is starting to be boring now"

"Zandile is too intelligent for Precious..Even with the whole evidence that She acquired She still afraid..eish the bluffing"

"Serve her right"

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