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Somizi In NYC Looking For Bonang - He is on a Bestiecation

Somizi Mhlongo is as of now in the United States and is in look for his sister Bonang Matheba. The socialite is as of now globetrotting and has arrived in New York City where he is as of now partaking in his truly necessary excursion or should we rather call it bestiecation with his dearest companion Ndo Maleho. 

Somizi Mhlongo started off his bestiecation with business person Ndo Maleho 4 days prior and they got going in Dubai for the Dubai Expo 2021. Ndo spouted over their companionship with Somizi and said both of them are fortunate to be companions with the other. 

"I dont realize who is more fortunate. Me for having a companion like him or him for having me as a companion." 

Then, at that point, a day prior, they arrived in Manhattan, New York City and the celebrations proceeded. Together they booked at the Plaza Hotel where they served! 

Then, at that point, Somizi rioted of New York and sang the Empire State Of Mind melody by Alicia Keys and Jay Z. He uncovered that he and Ndo had visited places like an auditorium to appreciate Lion King. 

Then, at that point, they catch a blue muppet character in Sesame Street, called Grover where he inquires as to whether he has by any possibility seen his sister Bonang Matheba. However, the person says he doesn't have any acquaintance with her. 

Another funny second is the point at which he goes over squad cars and makes fun of them and says he is terrified of them since police there target individuals of color. 

Instagram video by Somizi • Nov 24, 2021 at 5:10 AM

Elsewhere in the world, Bonang Matheba had remarked on the forthcoming claim among her and Rea. He remarked on a post where a tweep made fun of her when Gigi Lamayne said on the off chance that an individual can't manage the cost of the cash they are being sued they will serve prison time. 

This is a direct result of their forthcoming claim with Inno Morolong which saw Gigi getting name-called. Gigi said, "If you dont have the cash, you spend time in jail. Straightforward. Not much. Only as long as 4 years." 

Then, at that point, a tweep said that is most likely what Bonang let her attorneys know when she sued Rea Gopane yet B shut the tweep down and said they presumably know nothing about the law. 

Bonang sued Rea Gopane when he offered abusive expressions about her maxim she acquainted AKA with drugs which at last lead to his fiance's passing. This wild claim saw him getting sued R500K yet that didn't startle him the slightest bit. 

In one of his new scenes, he made fun of Bonang again and advised her to return from New York since she isn't doing anything there rather she is left with a bombed endeavor at beginning a webcast. 

Deriding the business visionary, Rea Gopane made fun of Bonang's business intuition and said she isn't quite so savvy as she makes individuals think she is. 

"She has generally that energy for me...can you envision," Rea said referring to the fight in court he got involved in after he offered his abusive expression. 

He went in hard and derided her for the House Of BNG embarrassment she is presently in. 

"She has generally that energy for me however her yet her administrative work and business isn't right, yet you want to flex to your fans," he said. "Bonang isn't quite so shrewd as she claims to be. All she is great at is the fan base she has, that assaults individuals," he affirmed. 

"Accomplish the genuine work of getting the pack," he said. 

"You fleeing from the enormous young men, she tricked everyone, she was going to the grape plantation and taking pictures saying "young ladies with grape plantations", Bonang doesn't claim a grape plantation," he ridiculed. 

Rea even said he is glad that Bonang is in the present circumstance. "That is the ideal circumstance for me."



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