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MaNtuli faces Meikie for the first time since the to read more

Meikie faces MaNtuli since the shooting happened.

Remember when Meikie Maputla after finding out that Zamokuhle is John Maputla son she started to shoot Mantuli and Kwaito because she was angry that they are trying to ruin her marriage, well they are now facing each other since that day and things are not looking good for Mantuli.

Mantuli went to Meikie's house with his brother to talk about the way forward on welcoming Kwaito to the Maputla clan. Meikie want nothing to do with Mantuli and she doesn't even want her to step into her house because she feels like MaNtuli betrayed her and she was the one who she trusted the most.

Manuli regrets on betraying her friend like that but then Meikie should not make Mantuli to feel guilty this way because she almost ended MaNtuli's life with Kwaito.

They are both in the wrong and they are both adults, so they need to apologize to each other then they will take it from there if they are still friends or not.

If Kwaito and Tbose can forgive each other then what is so difficult about these 2 women to forgive each other too. I am sure that they miss each other and they will eventually fix their relationship.


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