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Simphiwe Dana Is Losing Weight Because Of Problems

A well known celebrity took to Instagram to post lovely photos of herself, she did state her losing weight had nothing to do with her being on a diet or eating healthy.

She said that but she's going to take something out of the mess that she's currently going through, she did state that she's suffering from depression as we all know that depression is regarded as a mental illness.

She also stated that as if lately things are going going very smooth in her life as a result she's always stressed, I really hope she can really pull through whatever she's going through. At least she's talking about it whenever you have problems when you talk about it, they're people who have care in their hearts and they're very supportive.

She's been receiving messages of support and her fans and loved ones they're currently showering her with love, they also left in awe by her strength. She also stated that most of the time she feels helplessness and she's struggling with grief, a lot of time we look at celebs like they got everything together in life. But the truth is that they're also humans they face certain challenges in life and most of them they refuse to give up which makes them good role models.


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Simphiwe Dana


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