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Moshe And Phelo single again?

Felo Bala and Moshe Ndiki's marriage seems to be falling apart. Felo Bala hasn't appeared on social media for a long time, leaving fans to speculate if he's having trouble in paradise or she and he and his husband Moshe Ndiki have legalized it this time around. 

 Felo's last Instagram post was on December 11, 2021, and he hasn't posted anything on his wall since then. Also, rumors circulated that Moshe did not reveal anything about the Fellow, so the relationship could end. The couple has gone through several storms through their relationship and will soon be together again. 

 In 2020, Moses attacked Fallon with a candlestick, leaving a bleeding wound. 

 Moshe stated on social media in July 2020 to reveal his name in response to allegations of abuse. The TV star denied allegations that he had attacked Ferro. He said the angle 

 Sunday World took to write a news breaking article 

 about their abusive drama was aimed at humiliating him. He said it was an extension of the abuse he had already suffered. 

 "I was advised because these are issues of 

 private nature and there are legal proceedings that cannot be disclosed, but at this time I have not abused Ferro and would like to state that there is evidence of it. ."Explanation. The 

 statement was issued after Ferro was alleged to have 

 obtained a court order against Moshe. Moshe claimed in his court filings that 

 their relationship had become very toxic in recent months as Ferro attacked him many times. He argued that Ferro had a drinking problem and he always 

 fights after he drinks too much alcohol. The 

 couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Moshe was on vacation in Zanzibar with his friend and Ferro introduced him to social media to show his love. 

 "Happy 2nd wedding anniversary my darling @moshendiki. I can't believe we've come this far... I have no idea how strong you are with a man like me until Moshe tells you about it. It. I Extremist and sometimes gentleman, sometimes laughing with you, sometimes so wrong, but you do your best to keep us going. I love you and I'm serious! I pray that God will have you by my side in time so you can see His glory in my life.” 19:6”. “It has always been you, and will always be you, People.


Seems like there's always trouble in celebville when it comes to relationships, I wonder how they keep up because this must be draining for them. They are always breaking up and dating and breaking up again.


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