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DiepCity: Here is why viewers praise Mgedeza

"I have crushed and defeated all powerful people around Diepsloot but I am defeated by someone I sleep with on the same bed" Mgedeza


Men will cheat on you. Countless times bathong.. wena fela do what Momo did to save your marriage setse ore "someone must be punished" 😂. #DiepCityMzansiI don’t like what’s about to happening to the baby. I Ty hope it ends there. #DiepCityMzansi#DiepCityMzansi

This series is so good! So real! Too real sometimes. I’ve been on the edge of my seat since tonight’s episode began. So much pain.

Nox must just go back to Herbert her last hope for Bafana has been completely shattered 😩😭 #DiepCityMzansi

Not Gedi saying someone must get punished for the betrayal. Ya neh, people forget quickly the time he was running around sleeping with Zola and Ntswaki? Who punished him? Sies men are selfish man. #DiepCityMzansiWhich means this guy is good in bed Nox cant look like this to a man with another woman #DiepCityMzansikV

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