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He used to be mocked for being dark, now he is getting paid for it: See his pictures

People around the whole world can never be the same. We all have different physical appearances and personalities and that I'd exactly what makes Each And every one of us distinctive and at the end of the day, beautiful. Starting fro primary, whenever a child has a characteristic different from the other kids they start mocking them and make them feel like they were cursed with whatever that makes them stand out. Continuing to high school and hearing the critics from reasoning pupils can get one's self esteem down and affect them for a long period in their life while they would be trying to get rid of whatever that makes them different.

Dark skinned people have been stereotyped as people to always mock and there are many norms aligning with them. Their dark skin is criticized everyday of their lives and it gets more worse when it's a woman that have that dark skin and as they grow and the critics and being mocked also grows, they seek alternatives of being black and they find that makeup is the best affordable option and they start doing makeup. Those who are privileged then do skin or face surgeries to get rid of what makes people notice them from a crowd. Well these people do not know how beautiful and blessed they are with their skin, they just need to be brave to be able to embrace their nature and how God wanted them to be in a manner that they won't even care what other people have to say about them but they will keep doing them and loving themselves just as they are.

So one of the dark guys in Twitter posted two pictures of himself and in his caption he said, "so i get paid for being dark-skinned now. Wild for a person who used to mock me." And people were happy to comment and thank him for not letting the pressure of being mocked because of your dark Skin Get at him. He is making money through advertisements of men face creams and whatever other industries in need of a black person to represent embracing their culture and skin. His pictures and caption motivated a lot more other people like him who were doubting their individuality and thinking it's not something to bring to the public and be proud of as the public can easily spot it even if you stay indoors.

Below are his two pictures that caused quite a stir on Twitter Yesterday.

Being black was never a mistake and being a dark black person was more blessings to our culture as Africans. May the spirit of belittling each other because of physical appearances we can't change end and we then replace it with learning to embrace one's individuality and embrace it with them.

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