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List of South African Celebrities Who Have Been Accused of Rape:See here/ opinion


Podcast and chill with Mcgee show is getting a lot of celebrities in hot water recently .Even though celebs see how much damage the show does they still go the show .The latest victim of Mc Gee was Jub Jub .This was after he went to show and talked about his relationship with Amanda Du Pont. Amanda then turned around and said that Jub Jub forced himself on her for the past 2 years of their relationship.

Today lets look at the Mzansi men who have been accused of rape.Some of the accusations are said to be fake, some are yet to be proven .


Lady Zamar accused Sjava of forcing himself on her .Lady Zamar and Sjava were in a relationship but later Lady Zamar turned around and said she was taken advantage of .Mzansi even wanted to cancel Sjava but they didnt suceed .

Euphonik and DJ Fresh

Dj Fresh and Euphonik also were accused of taking ad2of a lady at a party.Their case is still in court .The lady said that she was drugged and woke up the next day feeling that someone had penetrated her .

Jub Jub

Jub Jub is facing allegations from 3 Different women , Amanda Du Pont,Masechaba Ndlovu and his cousin .Also Kelly Khumalo also said he used to beat her up .Moja love has suspended Jub Jub following these allegations.

SA is known as the rape capital of the world.As long as such men keep getting away with such things .Number of crimes will increase .Its time for SA men to have accountability and know taht every action has consequences

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