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Divorce Affair

Kwesta's wife speaks as the rapper is accused of cheating

Kwesta's significant other Yolanda Vilakazi has "tended to" claims that her better half undermined her and proposed for the second time as an approach to saying 'sorry'

Kwesta broke the web the previous evening after blogger Musa Khawula claimed that he undermined his accomplice of 12 years. Kwesta and Yolanda married in 2018 and have two girls together.

Yolanda Vilakazi was plainly surprised, based on her posts on Instagram.

After Tweeps thought that the proposition was Kwesta's approach to saying sorry, Yolanda resolved the issue on Instagram and said they are as yet hitched. She said Kwesta proposed in light of the fact that at first, he had never proposed to her. She said:

Niyayithanda I-setting. I'm Zulu so my significant other regarded my folks when he requested my hands quite a while back. He sent a letter and paid lobola. Then he gave me the ring. Years last he did the membeso, umbondo, white wedding and umabo. The previous evening was him giving me the proposition he feels I won't ever get. There's nothing more to it! We are hitched! ❤️

Look at tweeps' remarks as Kwesta's significant other talks.




This is the reason the sidechick emerged. It checks out.


😂😂😂 proposition won't save a perishing marriage. Black Coffee did an entire white wedding while currently wedded and it didn't work by the same token.


Also, next you be like "I'm Zulu and is'thembu is permitted " 💁


Haha it's hushed up for umfoka Vilakazi so they needed to make us talk, likely a melody coming up soon. Either that or he felt a piece culpability, perhaps for cheating.


By and by I have seen the sort of treatment the spouse provides for Kwesta, extremely disparaging 😔 I want to believe that she has changed coz perhaps that could be justification for why he ventured out


Men will humiliate you aaai😭😭😭😭

Standardize concealing your accomplices.


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