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A Woman Is Left Embarrassed As Her Husband Collect His Furniture After Dumping Her In Tv In #XRepo

A Woman Is Left Embarrassed As Her Husband Collect His Furniture After Dumping Her In Tv In #XRepo

Source: Hashtag #XRepo twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

We need 16 days of activism against men abuse, men have feelings too but society has made us not to act on them, taught us that we strong, robots, men don't cry. Men are also being abused in some families, but societal values made it to look as a joke if they speak about it. Watching this show makes man's wanna stay single forever.

Today's episode of #XRepo we come across a man who demands furniture he bought while with the woman/for the woman. His case is different, he didn't buy these furniture for her, she looted it. They've only been together for 10 months and she's already done so many bad things to him.

What a dramatic breakup, men are taking their things back if mjolo ain't working anymore. Relationships are so disappointing. From sharing a bed to resenting and humiliating each other on national tv. He said he’d rather die than be with her. Im glad they dont have kids together cause. This man should be afforded counselling post the show, he went through hell shame. Robert has fear in his eyes his really scared of the lady.

Other women dont care for love and all those fuzzy things. They have a strategy when entering into new relationships. If you're not wise, they will show you flames. There's a woman on here behaving like a Tinder Swindler, she keeps the men's bank cards and has bought multiple fridges/TVs. This woman and daughter trying to protect the bed.

I love how Mr X handles these situations. He’s good at his job. She lied to the mother in law and said she's just keeping the furniture. The only good thing about #XRepo is that issues gets sorted out here and there’s always a happy ending. 

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