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Family is everything: Meet Lingashoni actor Mpumi Mpama ‘Gagashe’s wife and children in real life

Mpumi Mpama with his wife and childrenMpumi Mpama's charm and beautiful looks have won the hearts of numerous women on and off-screen in Lingashoni. The actor portrays a man who is betrothed to Seipati and treats her as a queen. Gagashe finally claimed Seipati after wooing her for some time while she was still with Mandla. He proposes to her and offers her half of his shares in his exclusive nightclub, so making her a wealthy woman.

Mpumi Mpama as Gagashe on Lingashoni

Seipati and Gagashe in LingashoniSeipati and Gagashe in Lingashoni-Image Source(Instagram/1Magic)

In the second season of the drama series, the actor joined as Cele's business partner. The man is a feared subterranean mobster whose family, save for his deceased sister, is unknown to the public. The audience is beginning to believe that Seipati is married because he has no idea what his children are like. Despite this, viewers of the show adore the delight he is currently giving to Seipati.

Meet Mpumi Mpama’s wife in real life Noxy

Mpumi Mpama, the actor who plays the part of Gagashe, is a guy of higher values when he is not acting. An actor is a happily married man who is married. Mpumi has been married to his wife, whom he refers to on social media as Noxy, for eighteen years. Yesterday, the pair celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary, and the actor turned to Instagram to mark the occasion.

Mpumi Mpama and Noxy celebrating their 18th anniversaryMpumi Mpama and Noxy celebrating their 18th anniversary-Image Source(Instagram/Mpumi Mpama)

However, this is not the only difference between him and his on-screen role. The actor is a Pastor and not a mobster or dangerous man in real life. Mpumi's social media profiles are packed with images and even flyers from the church where he preaches periodically. Together, he and his wife are firm believers and doers of God's word.

Mpama and Noxy have given birth to two children during their marriage. Their oldest child is a boy and their youngest child is a girl; both are in their teens. In the television series, he is portrayed as a man who hides his children from public view, while in reality, he does the opposite. Mpama posts about his wife and family whenever he can. He desires to share them with his fans since he is pleased with their quality.


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