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Husband and wife relationship

Gogo Skhotheni: My Second Husband, Happy Women's Day To You

The controversial traditional healer raised eyebrows when he wished his second husband a happy women's day today on Facebook.

In a series of posts, she has been talking about his second husband. The one that caught Mzansi's attention was where she wrote "Happy Women's Day To My Second Husband". People were left in stitches and wondered Skhotheni was implying.

In another post, she wrote "Asimfuni emadodeni. Simfuna emabhodweni", which is a loose translation of "We don't want him near other men. He must be in the kitchen".

While others were laughing at the posts, others did not find humour in them and called Gogo Skhotheni to order.

Rinkie Baloyi said: "There's nothing funny with that,this statement it's only showing that there's no respect for that Man nje, how can u say that mxm".

On the other hand, Sharon Mokoena decided to be humourous as well and commented:

"🤣🤣🤣🤣....Monde must just relax and just watch makoti Sbu do everything!!. Happy Women day sbuda💜💜".

Sbu is the name of the second husband who she claims her ancestors instructed her to marry, despite already having a first husband Monde Shange

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Asimfuni Gogo Skhotheni Simfuna Skhotheni


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